We believe that natural beauty comes from natural ingredients

We believe in nature's ability to help your skin feel healthy, balanced, and beautiful.

About Us

We combine the healing energy of nature with the wisdom of science. The world is full of wonders capable of making us falling in love with life and grasping it with all our heart. Living it and fulfilling dream after dream! We, the creators of Bio2You, are delighted that we have the opportunity to share one of them – sea buckthorn and its force of nature. We continuously improve our products learning from latest innovations.

"Bio2You has a unique combination of natural substances and science aimed at providing high class therapy for the changes caused by skin stress. It posesses gentle texture and an unobtrusive scent – everything that satisfies contemporary thinking and requirements."
Kristīne Azarjana

Natural Ingredients for Perfect Skin Care

Our products consist of high-quality natural ingredients, so your skin would always be healthy and glowing. We choose natural plants for medicinal and beauty purposes that have been proven effective for centuries and are safe for all skin types.


Natural Cosmetics for Healthy Skin


Organic Ingredients

All of our products are made from 100% natural oils and extracts.


Dermatologically Tested

All our products are dermatologically tested and are safe to use for all skin types.


Not Tested on Animals

We’re committed to being cruelty-free and we do not test our products on animals.


Alcohol-Free Beauty Products

We don't use alcohol or any other substances that can cause long-term damage to the skin.


Paraben-Free Beauty Products

All our products are paraben-free to help you keep your skin healthy and vibrant.


Sulfate-Free Beauty Products

We care about your skin's health, so all our products are free from sulfates.

The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil in Skincare

Sea buckthorn oil is truly unique among its counterparts and it has been widely used for centuries in skin care treatments. It is the key to our success and an essential part of all our products.

Popular Anti-Aging Skin Ingredient

Sea Buckthorn oil actively slows down the signs of aging by promoting skin cell regeneration. It hydrates the skin and promotes the formation of collagen, which helps you smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and prevent your skin from early aging.

Excellent for Sensitive Skin

Sea Buckthorn oil promotes skin hydration, elasticity, cell regeneration, and even helps treat and prevent acne. Sea Buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and redness associated with many skin conditions.

Gives You Smooth and Glowing Skin

Sea Buckthorn oil works instantly to restore your natural glow. The unique high fatty acid content of Sea Buckthorn oil (Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, Omega-9) and the wealth of nutrients it contains make it one of the most health-promoting herbal oils.

Heal Your Skin from Wounds

Sea Buckthorn oil has been used for centuries to help heal wounds, sunburns, frostbite, and rashes. Sea Buckthorn oil is packed with A, C, E vitamins, that promote skin elasticity and protect against dryness.


What Our Clients Say About Us

We care deeply about the health and well-being of our clients, that’s why we work hard every day to be able to deliver our products as fast and safe as possible.

Amazing! Everything smells great and I really enjoyed the body scrubs. And for a very good price! Thanks! 🙂
Inga Salceviča
I'm excited about all the products I've tried so far! 🙂 Bio2You is definitely my No.1 choice!
Kristīne Lauce
The new moisturizing hand cream with aloe is excellent and with a pleasant, unobtrusive scent! Amazing!
Zane Veinberga
I adore these products! Body scrubs are especially tempting!
Madara Vainšteina
Lots of interesting products! I love Bio2You toothpaste!
Janis Skutelis
Good products and super fast delivery! Thanks!
Ilvija Gzibovska
“Organic cosmetics can be both effective and modern. Our main values and priority are high quality, transparency, and ethics. Our products are produced from only the very best raw ingredients. We make no compromises regarding quality!"
Rita Lagzdiņa
Bio2You Soul

Business Cooperation Options

We are constantly working on developing new products and following the latest global trends in the field of cosmetics. We have gained invaluable experience and we are happy to coopearate.



We are always looking for distributors and wholesale partners worldwide, so feel free to contact us if you are interested.


Hotels and SPA

We work togehter with SPA and hotels, offering natural hotel amenity products with Bio2You or your personal label.


Private Label Products

Consider us your own private label team and we will help you create and manufacture your own cosmetic line.

We would love to hear from you

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us by calling or writing an email and we will get back to you within a few working days.

On 8th of May 2017 Bio2You brand (B2Y Ltd.) has contracted with LIAA (Latvian Investition and Development Agency) – contract Nr.SKV-L-2017/246 – in the frames of the “Promotion of International Competitiveness” project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund
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