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Natural Sea buckthorn Facial Scrub 75ml

Natural Sea buckthorn Facial Scrub 75ml.
The delicate facial skin sees a lot of wear and tear; therefore, it requires special attention. A gentle exfoliating formula with plant derived ingredients, vitamins and sweet almond granules for all skin types effectively purifies the skin, effortlessly sweeping away residues and dead skin cells, leaving behind a layer of younger, healthier skin - correctly balanced, smooth and detoxified, soft and radiant. Regular use of scrub can keep skin smooth and glowing.
  • Yarrow extract possesses astringent properties, and it is used to help reduce acne and allow the skin to look its best.
  • Vitamin E moisturizes, regenerates, and keeps skin young-looking
  • Sweet almond granules exfoliate and renew surface skin layers
  • Precious Sea buckthorn extract enhances microcirculation, gives protection against aging, ideal for skin regeneration and hydrating.
Apply over cleansed skin and gently massage in a circular motion (always circle up); pay close attention to the side of the nose and any little lines or dry spots. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Avoid contact with eyes. External use.