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All of our products are made from natural oils and extracts and they are 100% paraben, sulfate, alcohol, and SLS free.

“I doubted if natural cosmetics can be effective, but now that I have tried BIO2YOU products, I can definitely say that they are!
Great quality for a low price.”
Lelde Grīviņa

Best natural skin care for sensitive skin

We care about nature and your skin’s health, therefore all our products are ethical and non-toxic.


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Our key ingredient

The main ingredient in all our products is sea buckthorn oil, because
sea buckthorn is one of the strongest known antioxidants in nature and it contains more than 190 bioactive substances, including 14 vitamins that protect and repair your skin.

Did you know? Sea buckthorn berries contain a very high level of vitamin C, about 10 times greater than oranges!


The power of sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is the main ingredient in all Bio2You products.


14 Vitamins

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in various vitamins that are beneficial to your skin's health and it is good for combatting signs of aging.


Strong Antioxidant

Sea buckthorn oil contains a good amount of antioxidants, that actively slows down the signs of aging by promoting skin cell regeneration.


Omega Fatty Acids

Sea buckthorn oil with all four omega fatty acids can help soften dry skin and have a soothing effect on irritation and dermatitis.


Sensitive skin?

Our nutritive face mask with Dragons Tree Resin will help your skin recover after a day out. Dragons tree resin soothes redness and increases skin comfort allowing your skin to get faster back to normal.

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