The secret to a healthy complexion!

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Getting a healthy complexion is not as difficult as you might think. With just three essential products, you'll discover the secret to glowing, healthy skin.

1.Natural facial cleanser - Start with a gentle cleanser. This is the foundation of skin care. The cleanser will cleanse your skin of dirt, make-up and dead skin cells, thus stimulating the production of new cells. Regular use of the cleanser will help prevent the appearance of pimples, clogged pores and dullness, leaving your skin radiant and rejuvenated.

2.Natural facial toner - Often forgotten, but very useful, a facial toner is the next step. A toner will balance the skin's pH level, tighten pores and remove any remaining dirt or make-up residue. The toner will prepare the skin for better absorption of the moisturiser.

3.Moisturising face cream - Finish your daily routine with a light moisturising cream. Moisturising is essential to maintain healthy skin, regardless of skin type. Regular moisturising prevents dryness, fine lines and premature ageing, leaving your skin looking radiant and youthful.

To make sure you don't have to look far, we've created a Clean Face Kit with all the products you need.
Start simple and get a glowing and healthy complexion!

Clean Face Set

A starter kit for a healthy, clean and radiant complexion!
Includes: Natural Facial Cleanser 75ml – cleans skin from dirt, cosmetics and dead cells; thus, facilitating the production of new skin cells. It has a nice soothing effect and anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in toning oily complexions. Nourishes and gives a long-lasting pleasant feeling, making skin soft and supple. Natural Face Toner with Sage and Seabuckthorn 100ml - This perfect natural formula is soothing & refreshing that maintains hydration of skin while purifying it. It works to banish impurities and excess sebum while guarding against dehydration. Skin is left supple and soft. Possess anti-inflammatory properties. Natural Nutritive Sea Buckthorn Cream with Panthenol 50ml - moisturizes, soothes and nourishes skin and gives exceptional antioxidant protection. It contains sea buckthorn oil, Panthenol, aloe vera, coconut oil.
Usage: Step 1 - Massage in the Natural Facial Cleanser and then rinse. Step 2 - Wipe the face with the wetted cotton wool; ensure that you use the toner all over the face, including the area under the chin, the neckline and hairline as well. Step 3 - Apply a small amount of the cream to the face and massage in gently.